• Shortcutter Preview for SketchUp

    Sync SketchUp shortcuts to the cloud

    With the recent release of SketchUcation Tools 2.6 we really have moved Plugins into the cloud with device syncing and version management. That got us thinking about what else we could store in the cloud?

    If you need to store and retrieve your assigned shortcut keys across numerous devices then this could be the tool for you. If you want to see this happen then vote by clicking the link below...

    Vote for Shortcutter
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  • SketchUcation Tools 2.6 released

    Sync your Plugins for SketchUp to the cloud

    SketchUcation Tools 2.6 introduces faster downloads, up to 4x, device syncing of plugins, new API for plugin devs and tons of bugfixes, tweaks and improvements.

    You NEED to update as this is the most exciting release to date. Keep all your devices plugins in sync across different version of SketchUp!

    Yep....running v8 and need v2014 to have the same plugins? Simple one click solution to get everything in sync.

    Get it!
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  • SketchUptoLayOut updated for SketchUp 2014

    SketchUp to LayOut for SketchUp 2014

    If you were one of the lucky ones to grab Matt Donley's SketchUptoLayOut webinar at the end of January you'll know in that he focused on SketchUp 2013. With the recent release of SketchUp 2014 Matt gave all his customers a free update to the SketchUptoLayOut asset pack that includes the features for SketchUp 2014.

    So, if you need to brush up on your SketchUp to LayOut workflow and have SketchUp 2014 then there's is no other book currently out as up-to-date as Matt's!

    Check it out!

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  • SketchUp 2014 : The Complete Guide

    SketchUp 2014 Review

    SketchUp 2014, the 10th major release of your favourite 3D tool, builds on last year's foundations and begins to give us a clearer picture of where SketchUp is headed under Trimble. Want to know exactly what's shiny and new in SketchUp 2014?

    We have had some extra hands on time prior to it's release and we have a full overview on SketchUp Pro 2014 outlining all the new features, improvements and what exactly has been super-charged.

    ...and say hello to Sophie!

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  • Axis Camera Extension for the SketchUp released

    Axis Camera Extension for SketchUp released

    With the Axis Camera Extension for the SketchUp, system designers can conveniently select Axis Network Cameras and insert them into 3D models of buildings.

    Different mounting positions and view angles can be evaluated through interactive camera views showing the respective camera coverage areas. Users can pan, tilt and zoom the cameras to determine the optimal setup for the best video surveillance coverage.

    Download Axis Camera

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  • How to set Security Permissions for the Plugins folder in SketchUp

    how to set plugin folder security permissions in SketchUp

    If you ever get SketchUp startup error-messages relating to plugins? This usually means that some plugins are not loading properly and it indicates they have not been installed properly.

    Or maybe you get system messages actually preventing you from adding/managing files/subfolders to the Plugins folder in SketchUp. This guide will help you identify the problem and fix it for both Mac and PC devices.

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  • How to create custom library locations in SketchUp


    In my previous tutorials on adding materials to SketchUp and editing materials in SketchUp you would have gained knowledge on how to grow your materials libraries. But an often overlooked feature of SketchUp is the ability to create custom library locations outside of SketchUp default library locations.

    In this tutorial we will focus on creating custom libraries in SketchUp that allow you to easily manage your assets and speed up your workflow. Understanding how these custom libraries are created and located will make transitioning to newer versions of SketchUp a walk in the park!

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  • Free SketchUp 3D Trees for Premium Members

    Free 3D Trees for SketchUp

    48 3D Trees optimized for SketchUp now available as a free download for Premium Members. Bring your SketchUp scenes to life with these lo-poly and render ready tree species.

    15 species of trees to choose from each UV mapped and very light weight. Ideal for SketchUp scenes.

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  • Win $500 for your SketchUp Tip

    3dconnexion best tip competition

    3Dconnexion have another mouth watering competition for SketchUp users. Simply send them the best SketchUp tip or trick that you can only do using a 3D mouse and one other SketchUp trick and win up to $500!

    Find Out More

    Closes February 14th so hurry up!

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  • SketchUp to LayOut Free Webinar


    Our good friend Matt Donley from MasterSketchUp.com is soon to release his much anticipated SketchUp to LayOut ebook. We have had a sneak peak at his new book and we can honestly say that it is a winner! If you are interested in his Free Webinar on the 30th of January just follow the link below.

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