• SketchUp to LayOut for Architects

    sketch and layout for architecture

    Hot on the heels of the immensely popular SketchUp to LayOut training series Matt Donley from MasterSketchUp has another gem planned for release soon!

    SketchUp to LayOut for Architecture is a co-operative effort with LayOut guru Nick Sonder. This meeting of minds is sure to result in killer, tips, tricks and techniques for architects.

    Nick is synonymous in the arena of Construction Documents using only SketchUp and LayOut. Whilst Matt has a well established pedigree in SketchUp Training. It's the perfect combo.

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  • Ancient Rome Render Competition

    3d humster challenge

    Soak up the atmosphere of Ancient Rome with its beautiful architecture, culture, mythology and striking history by entering this great competition from the team over at 3DHumster.com

    There's an insane amount of prizes for the lucky winners. From hardware, software and renderfarm time. The competition closes in May so it would be great to see SketchUp well represented.

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  • Wanna meet up in the UK this summer?


    Some of SketchUp's brightest and talented users have banged heads for the last few weeks. The reason? Well it's about time Europe had it's own SketchUp get together!

    To help us find out if this is indeed as awesome as it sounds in our heads then please take 5 minutes out of your day to let us know.

    Take Survey

    We love to see an event for SketchUp users this side of the pond. You can help make that happen!

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  • February SpaceMouse Winners

    win a spacemouse

    Congrats to both Ton Baeten and Mear2010 who place 1st and 2nd respectively in the SketchUcation SpaceMouse raffle for February 2015.

    March's raffle is open for business. For those eligible, please get your unique raffle code by clicking the button below.

    Best of luck!

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  • January SpaceMouse Winners

    january spacemouse winners

    Congrats to both JQL and Phil Meadows who place 1st and 2nd respectively in the SketchUcation SpaceMouse raffle for January 2015.

    February's raffle is open for business. For those eligible, please get your unique raffle code by clicking the button below.

    Best of luck!

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  • Studio setup in V-Ray for SketchUp


    Cars included in exterior renders of architectural scenes help with the scene composition. Some 3D artists prefer to add them in post production using an image editor application. I prefer to include them in my scene using SketchUp.

    At times there is a specific need of a car render look. By learning it, you are capable of outputting nice renders of cars, motorcycles and all other vehicles. So this tutorial focusses on how create a car paint and an studio set up for car rendering using V-Ray for SketchUp.

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  • Save $125 on Thea Render 1.4

    To celebrate the release of Thea Render 1.4 we have a great deal for the Christmas period. We have knocked $125 off the price for the Thea for SketchUp bundle.

    For only $300 you get a Thea Render Studio licence, Thea for SketchUp plugin licence and 2 node licences. This amazing offer runs until the 10th of January.

    Premium Members get a further $25 discount, paying only $275.

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  • Indigo 3.8 released

    indigo renderer 3.8 released

    Glare Technologies, Indigo Renderer 3.8, brings big productivity enhancements for visualisation professionals. Dramatic improvements in rendering speed, loading time, and memory usage allow you to push your scenes further than ever before - highly complex archviz shots are handled with ease!

    Indigo 3.8 is 2x faster or more relative to Indigo 3.6 on many scenes, while retaining its legendary unbiased quality.

    What's more, if you buy Indigo 3.8 now you'll receive Indigo 4 for free when it's released!

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  • Polantis Announcement

    polantis announcement

    SketchUcation has always taken pride in partnering with some of the most innovative companies serving SketchUp users. From 3D Connexion to Thea Render, we look to build relationships we feel that benefit the community as a whole and offer great product, service and value.

    Today we are very proud to announce that Polantis is now part of the SketchUcation Sponsorship Program. Polantis are a leading provider of CAD and BIM content in Europe and have over 10,000 BIM objects available in their catalogue.

    Want to know how you can gain access?

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  • Edddison brings 3D models to life

    eddison for sketchup

    edddison gets customers, designers and managers to stop being spectators and start communicating interactively with virtual 3D models. Viewers can walk through a planned project or take a seat in a futuristic car model. The smart technology even allows non-technical users to work with the displayed objects almost as if they were playing a game.


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