• October SpaceMouse Winners

    spacemouse raffle winners

    Congrats to both MadeinCzech and Munoz0451 who place 1st and 2nd respectively in the SketchUcation SpaceMouse raffle for October.

    November's raffle is open for business. For those eligible, please get your unique raffle code by clicking the button below.

    Best of luck!

    Enter Raffle

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  • Getting started with 3D Connexion

    3d connexion tutorial videos

    We are big fans of the products that 3D connexion make so it is great to see some very detailed and informative videos by Cameron Harris of SketchUp 3D Toolbox showcasing the device in action.

    From setting up the device to proper usage Cameron expertly guides you through the approach needed to adopt the device to your workflow.

    Read on to watch all his videos

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  • LumenRT 2015 Released

    lumenrt 2015 released

    E-on software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign and Studio products. LumenRT 2015 contains numerous new features and capabilities.

    Please visit www.LumenRT.com for a complete list of the new features Or read the full press release below.

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  • How to use Bundles to sync your SketchUp extensions

    syncing extensions in SketchUp

    In this tutorial for SketchUp you will learn how to use Bundles in SketchUcation Tools 2.6.1 to sync your plugins and extensions to multiple devices. Your office and home desktops and laptops will thank you for it...trust me!

    Not only that you can also sync different versions of SketchUp! Yep!

    Want your fresh SketchUp 2014 install to have everthing that you had in SketchUp 2013? Easy...just use SketchUcation Tools.

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  • 300,000 Members! Let's Party


    The SketchUcation Community just reached another milestone of 300,000 members. Late last night, our newest member Summit, was member number 300,000. From all those involved behind the scenes, moderators, administrators and SketchUcators, we want to say thank you!

    SketchUcation.com and its vibrant community was born out of a love for the SketchUp brand. Since then, we have watched the sketchUcation site and its community blossom due to the commitment, support, and generosity of its members. We love you guys!

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  • LumenRT 2015 Preview

    lumenrt 2015 preview videos

    The developers at e-on Software have teased some new features coming in the next release of LumenRT 2015. It looks pretty amazing to say the least!

    If you need photoreal scenes in real-time with layers, sections, and BIM information all on display then this is surely going to be of interest.

    You can watch all the teaser videos to date to get a feel of what is coming in LumenRT 2015 below.

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  • Hackberry Tree Pack released

    sketchup hackberry trees

    We just added 45 SketchUp 3D trees to our shop. As always they are free for Premium Members and reduced price for regular members

    We also made the trees render ready for Thea Render and packed in 30+ textures to make life easy.

    Learn More...

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  • SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Review

    spacemouse pro wireless review

    3D Connexion have extended their family of navigation devices with the introduction of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.

    We have had some hands on time with the device for the past few weeks and have a detailed and unbiased breakdown of whether it lives up to the hype.

    If you are in the market for a 3D navigation tool then read our full review.

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  • September SpaceMouse Raffle Now Open


    Our monthly 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Raffle is open. If you want to be in with a chance to win the worlds best 3D navigation device then simply click the link below

    Up for grabs are a SpaceMouse Pro and a SpaceMouse Wireless. If you want to be more productive while design then click the button below.

    Enter Raffle

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  • TwiLight Render for SketchUp v2.0

    twilight render 2 preview for sketchup

    Redesigned to be faster, friendlier, and more feature-full TwiLight 2 raises the bar for affordable rendering in SketchUp. A leaner UI, new ideas and increased power at your fingertips.

    TwiLight 2.0 Preview


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