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Parametric Modeling    v0.0.7

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Parametric modeling free plugin for SketchUp

Do parametric modeling in SketchUp thanks to a Nodes Editor similar to Unreal Engine's Blueprints. Modify entities parameters at any time and see result instantly. Extract shapes, points and vectors from active model. Import schema from a file. Export schema to a file.


This plugin is still in beta. Compatibility between versions is not guaranteed.


This extension is open-source and free, including for a professional use in accordance with GPL v3.0.


Parametric Modeling plugin is powered by Rete.js framework. This plugin uses Dentaku library to evaluate formulas. Shapes module of this plugin is based on SketchUp Shapes plugin code. SolidOperations module of this plugin was coded by Julia Christina Eneroth. Toolbar icons of this plugin were made by Freepik, Smashicons, xnimrodx and Pixel perfect from Flaticon.


If you find this plugin useful, donate at least one dollar to support its development. Thank you to all! ;)

Need help? First, please consult this page then if you still need help: post a message on this forum thread.