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GKWare Cab Maker, kitchen, vanity etc...    v5.0.148

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Creates cabinets for kitchens, vanities, bookcases, entertainment centers etc . Cabinets can be virtually any reasonable size. There are a variety of styles to choose from and a variety of textures. You can add additional textures if you wish. Cab Maker supports user definable profiles, cabinet libraries and handles. Doors drawers and pullouts open and close. Lots of updates in the last 2 versions. New features and some bug fixes.

Imperial (fractional inches or decimal inches) or metric (mm) Face Frame or Frameless. Overlay or Inset

Compatibility: Mac OS X, Windows, SU 7, SU 8, SU 2013, SU 2014, SU 2015, SU 2016 and SU2017

Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and United Kingdom

Toolbar and Menu Item

There is a toolbar for my plugins called "GKWare CabMaker". There is a submenu under the Plugins menu called "GKWare CabMaker" and menu option under that called "CabMaker". You may consider adding a hot key to the menu item. I have added 'K' as the hot key (short for Kitchen).

When you are happy with all the arguments press then "Enter" key or Click "Create" from the "Cabinets" Tab. The mouse changes to a "Door" cursor. Click where you want to insert the cabinet and drag to tell Cab Maker what direction you want the cabinet to face. Base cabinets default to an elevation of 0 and Upper cabinets default to the height above floor as stated on the "Defaults" Tab.

Documentation is finished. You can access it from the "Help" Tab.

CabMaker has a toolbar with 3 tools. Click on the first one (the cabinet door) The web dialog form contains all your choices. Click OK

The sketchup mouse cursor changes to a door pointer. Click first point where you want the left front of the cabinet to be inserted. Drag the pointer along the angle that you want.

Watch the video.

Version 1.0.30 - Feb 7 2016

  1. Updated Rules editor. Fields now automatically enable / disable based on "Overlay / Inset" and "Construction".
  2. Added Drawer Back Length Adjustment for drawer boxes. This corrects the parts listing when cabinet makers want to create dovetail drawers.
  3. Added Back Overhang for finished panels. You can use a negative value if you wish.
  4. Added Filters so that examples can be filtered out. From main menu run 'Cab Maker - Edit Config'

Version 1.0.29 - Jan 31 2016

  1. Updated documentation.
  2. Modified first 4 dialog tabs with new arguments.
  3. Added Adjust Stretchers for frameless overlay construction. You can now move the stretchers up or down.
  4. Added Top Gaps for frameless overlay construction. You can now add some extra room between top of cabinet and top of door or drawer.
  5. Blind cabinets and Tall cabinets were creating a stretcher at the top of the cabinet. Fixed.
  6. Added Left and Right Overhang Overrides.
  7. Added Pullout Slide Adjust.

Version 1.0.28 - Jan 25 2016

  1. Update documentation.
  2. Fixed Side dado / rabbet for overlay top.
  3. Added graphic for Side dado / rabbet.

Version 1.0.27 - Jan 23 2016

  1. Added 'Door Overlay Side'. You can now adjust rail and mid stile overlay independently of stile overlay
  2. Tall cabinets with face frames had bug on positioning of mid doors. Fixed.
  3. Angled face frame cabinets can't use stile overhang. It is now disabled.
  4. Added side dado / rabbet for tops and bottoms

Version 1.0.26 - Jan 16 2016

  1. Added door parts adjustment for reports
  2. Reports now automatically detect if decimal unit is set to ';'

Version 1.0.24 - Jan 13 2016

  1. Section changes now automatically sets section to "Save"
  2. Several reports had wrong counts - Fixed.
  3. Reports were not handling decimal symbol other than '.' - Fixed.

Version 1.0.23 - Dec 24 2015

  1. Added face frame for tall cabinets

Version 1.0.22 - Dec 18 2015

  1. Trial users have registration screen show up each time they start sketchup. Fixed.
  2. Drawer depth wasn't adjusting when inset doors. Fixed.
  3. Tall cabinet doors were misplaced when not using integrated kicks.
  4. Blind cabinet drawers were not calculated correctly
  5. Added face frames for all cabinet styles except Tall.

Version 1.0.21 - Dec 10 2015

  1. Now works properly with Mac OSX El Capitan and SU 2016

Version 1.0.20 – Nov 30, 2015

  1. Fixed the split top in conjunction with inset doors.
  2. New installs had width and height show up as zero. Fixed

Version 1.0.19 – Nov 28, 2015

  1. Run kicks past sides for Integrated kicks if side notch >= front kick + kick thickness
  2. Fix path issue for front edge of plain panel
  3. Gaps are now consistent inset or not and finished panels or not.
  4. Added more tabs to handle tall cabinets and face frames. The web dialog form was getting too tall. This especially helps users with Laptops (shorter screens).
  5. Added tall cabinets.
  6. Better control with form sizing and positioning.

Version 1.0.18 – Nov 18, 2015

  1. Added Overlay Top for Standard Base units. Top sits on sides. Slip in back ignored. Honors Skin Upper "Top" or "Both"
  2. Added Handleless cabinet doors. Texture part not yet working
  3. Hold Shift key down with left mouse button for absolute height placement
  4. Added inset doors for all cabinet styles
  5. Sped up the load time for the Web Dialog

Version 1.0.17 – Nov 15, 2015

  1. Fixed a bug when using the escape key or cancel - sometimes caused Sketchup to hang.
  2. Fixed a bug with Check License
  3. Completed the documentation

Version 1.0.16 – Nov 11, 2015

  1. Fixed a bug with applied finished panels.
  2. Added context sensitive help images

Version 1.0.15 – Nov 8, 2015

  1. The Edit Configuration form now have true / false drop downs
  2. Added drop downs for material color / textures
  3. If you want to pare down the colors and or textures - you can edit the colors.txt file and store it in the config folder. You can sort them any way you want.
  4. Added a rule for insertion point - Either Left Front Corner or Left Back Corner.
  5. Started adding context help.

Version 1.0.14 – Nov 6, 2015

  1. Internal Bug fixed.

Version 1.0.13 – Nov 5, 2015

  1. No longer overwriting configuration files, config.txt, defaults.txt and textures.txt
  2. CabMakerPro and CabMakerGold are now available for licensing. There is 7 day free trial for Gold. After 7 days you get another 7 days free trial with Pro.