"Without the insight and information I've received from this forum, I probably wouldn't even be using Sketchup. That's the truth. Sketchucation has been an indispensable part of my whole Sketchup experience, because the program itself would have been worthless without SCF as a hub of knowledge..." - xiombarg

"SCF is the conduit for these amazing and generous guys to share their talents and hard work, without these additions Sketchup would be just another 3D app..." - solo

"...SCF is my home away from home. I come here for support from the people I know and respect who are as addicted to SU as I am..." - Phil Rader, AIA

"...I would just like to thank each and every contributor to this forum, be it by Plugin, Texture, Technique, Model or just a kind word of encouragement, you have all made this the true SketchUp forum..." - rspierenburg

"...The fact is NOW, that we are here, this forum and what it does and did is IMO more than half the value of SU, both on a practical level (as a tool with its possibilities) and a spiritual level (its community and how SU reached and empowered people)..." - Michaelv