Those who took part in the last 3D BaseCamp in Boulder, CO, had the opportunity to get a sneak peak into the new development of Thea for SketchUp. Plugin developer Tomasz Marek created a version of the plugin that allows SketchUp users to set up and test (eventually fully render) their models without having to leave SketchUp at all. Considering that GPU based rendering is also coming soon, these new features make Thea an outstanging application that is a must for every 3D artist.

The sensational, new features include:

  • Instancing of External Models (as Proxies)
  • Point (Omni/Spot/IES), Area & Environmental Lighting
  • Advanced Camera Settings
  • Integrated & External Thea Material Editor
  • Darkroom with Multiple Controls and Render Channels
  • Cross-Platform (MS Windows / Mac OSX)
  • Saving Thea Settings with SketchUp Scenes
  • Export of SketchUp Scene to Thea Studio

Please, watch this stunning video for more details or visit the Thea for SketchUp plugin page.