Ambient Occlusion for SketchUp

AmbientOcclusion 2.5 was released this week with heavily improved speed and interactivity and more flexible material settings.

All those improvements blend in with the ease of use of AmbientOcclusion, keeping the classic "1-Click Rendering" workflow.

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AmbientOcclusion 2.5 Features

Before this release, modifying the scene or changing rendering parameters, such as material settings, depth of field, environment rotation, etc, would require AmbientOcclusion to do a lot of extra computations, at the expense of interactivity.

Beach House render with Ambient Occlusion for SketchUp

With the AmbientOcclusion 2.5, all changes appear instantaneously, in real-time, giving you immediate feedback and speeding up your workflow.

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Sunrise render with Ambient Occlusion for SketchUp

AmbientOcclusion 2.5 details:

  • Super fast response time
  • Added glass material coloring (both solid color and with SketchUp texture)
  • Added mirror material coloring and transparency (both solid color and with SketchUp texture)

About AmbientOcclusion:

AmbientOcclusion is a fast, easy 3D rendering plugin for SketchUp. No learning required. In just one click, you will create a visually compelling preview of your 3d models, highlighting space and relations with other objects.

About FluidInteractive:

Based in California, Fluid Interactive provides cutting-edge software solutions in many fields of engineering and computer graphics, including numerical simulation, 3D rendering and energy savings.

Other extensions by FluidInteractive include: SketchFX, FluidImporter, Bool and Viz Pro.

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