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3DArcStudio 3D Tree Maker    v1.10.14

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How to create a tree :
Warning : before creating a new tree to get better performance close the Sketchup Outliner window.
* Go to Plugins->3DArcStudio->Tree Maker->New Tree...
* Choose the tree type and clic Ok
* Place the tree into your model.
To change the tree configuration :
* Select the tree
* Right clic to get the contextual menu and select 3DArcStudio tree...->Tree configuration.

See the videos :




1.10.11a: fixed javascript error with SU8 1.10.09: updated tree shapes, leaves and textures 1.10 : added grass making and components management 1.06 : minor bug fixed and langages files updated 1.05 : Sketchup 2014 support 1.03 : added spanish, portuguese and china language 1.03 : fixed web dialog issues on Mac