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2D Tools    v7.6

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The 2D Tools are...
2D Set Z-plane
2D Line
2D Rectangle
2D Freehand
2D Arc
2D Circle
2D Polygon
2D Face Maker
2D Hatching
2D Fillet
2D Adjust
2D Line Style
2D Text
2D Polyline Edit
2D Tools Help

Activate and use the 2D Toolbar buttons,
or use the equivalent items in the Draw menu 2D Tools submenu...

Read the 2D Tools Help file - which opens in your default browser [html format] activated from the Help button/menu-item.

This covers the use of each Tool in detail.

Each Tool also displays helpful prompts in the status-bar...


  • 20160316 Glitch with 2dLineStyle and 2dHatching context-menus opening interfering with some other tools fixed.


  • 20160315 Unlike when used within the Model entities-context, when editing a Group/Component the "right-clickinopen_space" failed to open the 2dLineStyle-Settings or the 2dHatching-PATT-selector dialog: this has now been addressed - so that if used within an edit situation the short context-menu that appears has an appropriate command added, which will then open that particular 2dTool's dialog.


  • 20160121 The Fillet tool is changed for compatibility with all + >= v2016
    Also the Fillet tool now helpfully highlights selected lines etc.


  • 20151229 Removed tool that set up other commands for MAC compatibility.


  • 20151229 More minor coding typos fixed and resigned.


  • 20151229 Minor coding tweaks and resigned.


  • 20151113 Made into extension. Fillet tool sidesteps issues with EntitiesObservers in 3rd-party plugins . Future-proofed.


  • 20140328 Reloaded to PluginStore after glitch.


  • 20140328 Fixed v2014 glitch with some drop-down lists in dialogs for 2dText & 2dLineStyle.


  • 20131223 MAC friendly custom-cursors reintroduced.


  • 20131222 Glitch with custom-cursors on MACs side-stepped.


  • 20131214 More future-proofing.


  • 20131211 Missing file added to RBZ !


  • 20131209 Glitch fixed.


  • 20131206 Temp files in Plugins subfolder avoided.


  • 20131202 MAC compatible key-presses and other future-proofing.


  • 20130907 Minor adjustments to code to future-proof the tool.


  • 20120929 2dFillet now side-steps potential splats by ill-mannered 3rd party tools' EntitiesObservers.


  • 20120228 2dFillet segment range adjusted to >=2 <=999.


  • 20111201 Newly reported glitch fixed with 2dLine, so that now pressing the keyboard '0' when typing in a number on a PC doesn't mistake for TAB >> Z-height!


  • 20100927 The db arguments etc are parenthesized in (). Various minor glitches in text etc have been addressed. The ES lingvo & help files have also been updated etc - many thanks to Defisto for his nit-picking that goaded me into the update! CadFather's new toolbar button icon set is also include if you want to swap over to that...