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T2H Building Structure Tools    v2.2.4

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Select profile list for structural form from menu "Change profile list" Start Dialogs to draw.

0.2.0 - Solved probrem about reading default first time by TIG 0.3.0 - Improved some function 1.5.0 - Bugfix for inference axes,extending with already selected single entity 1.5.a - Bugfix for Combine Walls 1.5.c - Bug fix for Drawing in group 1.6.0 - Language translatations 1.6.a - Add translation words to lang file. - Add the menu about Authors of Translations. - Add the link to French Translation - Add the link to Spanish Translation - Add the langzhcn.txt:Chinese 1.7.0 - Improve for 000additionalPluginFolders - The link of translate authers list will open your current browser 1.8.0 - Add new function:"Create BST Solid from Footprint" and bugs fix 1.9.2 - Include Germany Translation txt by wolfi60.Thanks! - Add Toggle UI:Short(TABs) and Long(Full). - Drawing Structure become faster when "Outliner" window is shown in Sketchup version 7+. 1.9.5 Fixing the problem in Sketchup 2013. 1.9.6 Fixing the problem in Sketchup 2014. 1.9.7 Fixing Encode problem. 2.0.1a Plugin name changed to "T2H_Building Structure Tool" Some new function added.and some improves and bug fix. 2.0.2a BugFix 2.1.0 Improve about editing profile code and slab levels. 2.2.0 Apply IFC Classification in sketchup2015 higher. 2.2.1 Some bugfix.and Change the sample profile files to have no extention name. 2.2.4 Some bugfix and Improve the profile selector.and "Mwall" Work well on MacOSX.