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Tax Engineering    v10.1

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• Displacer;
• Follow Rotate Scale;
• Railway along;
• Mariner chain Along;
• Roller chain Along;
• Bicycle wheel;
• Spur gear;
• Adjustable suspension;
• Spheric spring;
• Linear spring;
• Color pallete; (color harmony tool)
• Remove materials;
• Disguise pattern;
• Agroup by loose;
• Multiple push pull;
• SU links; (SU related web links)
• Selection report;
• Vray alarm;
• Edge groups;
• Del faces.

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Path: Extensions\Tax_Engineering
obs: no toolbars currently.

DOCS can be found on: Help/Docs dialog

v10.1 - 'Del faces' added & bug fix;
v10.0 - Displacer added;
v9.3 - Edge groups added;
v9.2 - Scaling improvement (less viewport clipping) and documentation;
v9.1 - UI improvement;
v9.0 - Base Modus UI implemented;
v8.2 - Added rotation&scale phase offset, 3 up reference modes + UI & code improvements;
v8.1 - Added more interpolation modes on 'Follow Rotate Scale' and bug fixes.
v8.0 - Added Follow Rotate Scale, selection report, vray alarm, +SU links, dev shortcuts.
v7.2 - Added follow path feature for roller chain, SU Links, Selection report & bug fixes.
v7.1 - Added follow path feature for mariner chain.
v7.0 - Added color pallete, remove materials, disguise pattern, agroup by loose & multiple push pull. (+name change)
v6.3 - Forgot a piece of code used for debugging that prints a txt file on the desktop. Sorry, fixed now.
v6.2 - Bug fixes and "bicycle wheel" feature is now stable.
v6.1.b - Bug fix where rails face wasn't generated on last section in loops.
v6.0.b - Added railway along path;
v5.0.b - Added bicycle wheel and tyre;
v4.0 - Added springs, suspension and code improvements;
v3.0 - Added spur gear and code improvements;
v2.0 - Added roller chain;
v1.0 - Mariner chain.