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Slope Markers    v1.0

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Slope Marker

This plugin allows you to place slope markers on edges or faces in a range of styles, with a single click.

Download and install the rbz file as usual from Window/Extension Manager (SU 2017 or later), or via Preferences/Extensions in earlier versions.

This plugin MAY work in SU 8M2 or SU 2013, but has not been tested on either.

The plugin installs a menu item Tools/Slope Marker, with sub menus Draw Slope Marker, and Configure.

You can place a Slope Marker on an Edge or a Face, unless either is vertical, and at any depth of nesting inside a component or group.

The Configure dialogue allows the user to choose how to mark the slope, in a range of ways in common use.

Run Denominator The base unit for a displayed ratio or fraction - along the horizontal. Default value: Architectural, Engineering, or Fractional Inch slopes are shown relative to a base run denominator of 12; in Metric units, they are shown to a base of 100.

User settable to any integer value.

Marker Length The length of the marker in model units. Default value: 12" in Architectural, Engineering, or Fractional Inch units; 300mm/30cm/0.3m in Metric units.

User settable to any valid Sketchup Length.

Offset Scale Used for Edge slope markers. and Upright style Face slope markers. Ignored for 'on face' Face markers.

The distance to offset the marker from the marked Edge or Face, as a fraction of the Marker Length.

Default value: 0.1.

Text Scale The size of text label as a fraction of the Marker Length.

Default value: 0.15

Edge Marker Type Select from Triangle, Rise and Run Lines, or Text.

Default value: Triangle.

Face Marker Type Select from Equilateral Triangle, Long Arrow, or Short Arrow, which lie on the Face, or Upright Triangle or Upright Rise and Run Lines, which are placed in a vertical plane in the direction of steepest slope. Equilateral Triangle, Long and Short Arrows point down the slope 'as the water would run.'

Default value: Equilateral Triangle.

Text Label Format Select from Ratio, Fraction, Percent or Degrees. For example, Ratio: 9:12 or 75:100; Fraction: 9/12 or 75/100; Percent: 75%; or Degrees: ~36.9°.

The numerator (slope rise) will show to the precision set in Model Info/Units/Precision for lengths for Ratio or Fraction formats, with the usual Sketchup ~ (tilde) character to indicate the value is approximate, not exact..

Percentages will show to a corresponding number of digits after the decimal point. If model units are Architectural or Fractional, then precision of 0 will show to the nearest integer values, of 1/8" or less will show one decimal digit, and of 1/16" or greater will show two decimal digits.

Degrees will show to zero, one, two or three decimal digits according to the precision set in Model Info/Units/Angle Units.

Rise of 1? If set to true will show the slope as a rise of 1:x instead of rise:run denominator (and similarly for Fraction format).

Ignored if Text Label Format is Percent or Degrees.

Default value: false.

Manage Defaults Select from No Action, Save, Load or Reset.

The current Configuration values are retained within a Sketchup session unless altered during the session.

The current values can be Saved at any time and will be loaded automatically as defaults for later SU sessions. The saved values can be restored using Load at any time during a session.

Choose Reset to restore the plugin's programmed default values.

See Overview for how to get started and how the plugin works.

See Overview for how to get started and how the plugin works.

2019-05-31 v1.0 Completed functionality, English only. Before publication, found and fixed a minor bug which sometimes didn't centre the run denominator on a zero slope.