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ProLine    vRC-2019_0205_1636

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Main Features

Draw edges or Line entities like in a native Line Tool, but Draw edges / curves / clines / cpoints entities with special protractor and inference assistance!

MAC experimental "support"; I hope it will work now... (I tried only on a super unstable hackintosh VM with SU2016Pro trial)

  • ~Can be act similar as an original Line tool. (My intention is to completely replace it.)
  • ~Type a value of length
  • ~Type an absolute or relative coordinates
  • +Type a value of angle (or angle lock)
  • ~Instructor window like in other native tool.
  • +Snap to angle, defined in Model info
  • +Snap to angle, defined in ProLine Settings
  • +Can create/remove guide line "on the fly" for better interfering e.g. :
    • Angle snapping
    • Face normal -:- centroid
    • Arc/Circle/Polygon -normal -:- center
    • Arc/Circle/Polygon - real tangent
    • Bisector and point as proportional division between of edges other end
    • Midpoint (Line to "recorded" point, and midpoint in between)
  • +The protractor automatically placed and easy to adjust. (Improved.)
  • +The protractor can be resized
  • ~Can snap to length, defined in Model info
  • +Can force length snapping, overriding some interfering (be careful with this)
  • ~Create edges
  • +Brake edge if intersecting can be switched off
  • +Crate faces can be switched off
  • +Start over when create faces can be switched off
  • +Crate curve (polyline)
  • +Create point to point guide line
  • +Create infinity guide line
  • +Create guide point only or guide point together with above mentioned line types.
  • +Show extended information in a tooltip (can be disabled)
  • +Show coordinates on top left of screen (can be disabled)
  • +Show angle to last line (can be disabled)
  • +Show angle to protractor x-axis (can be disabled)
  • -No "drag and drop" line creation

Use Menu to start: SketchUp Main Menu>> Draw>> Proline © by Dezmo or Use toolbar icon to start.

If the Tool is running please open the Instructor window and/or push the TAB button for the ProLine Settings Toolbar, then please use the Help button there to get detailed instruction.

Please check the Instructor window and Click on the Help button in a ProLine Settings Toolbar to see detailed help file.

Additionally go to the forum!

The tool is in Release Candidate stage. However I did my best to give it out without serious errors, an unexpected problems may occur... download and use it on your own risk.


  • First Pluginstore release
  • Note: If you have Beta version installed, it is recommended to uninstall that Beta, before installing this.


MAC experimental "support". I hope it will work now... (I tried only on a super unstable hackintosh VM with SU2016Pro trial)

(SIL:= Special Inference Line)


  • change: Toggle guide points to draw = "G" >>> REMOVED
  • change: Toggle line type to draw = PgUP/PgDown (or RMB double click) >>> PgUP/PgDown
  • change: Settings dialog (Toolbar) = TAB >>> TAB(or RMB double click)
  • change: Ctrl + LMB = Orient the Protractor 3D (around Protractor origin) >>> Orient the Protractor 3D (around Protractor origin by Z axis)
  • add: Ctrl + ALT + LMB = Orient the Protractor 3D (around Protractor origin by X axis)
  • add: Ctrl + move mouse over face + SHIFT = Orient the Protractor Z axis parallel to face normal
  • add: indication of special inference lines with dashed colored lines
  • add: beside the guide lines a guide point on it also created (both will disappear when you click or use Esc. and does NOT recorded to Undo stack)
  • add: bisector inference line : Ctrl + "B" ("Shaking hands" are not preferred :-))
  • add: Hovering a mouse over a vertex or inference point more than 2 sec >> "remembered" point (bit flawed, you have to get used to it)
  • add: midpoint btw "remembered" point to cursor, inference line: Ctrl + "D"
  • add: color settings for SIL (hidden settings to be able to hide SIL, Guess where it is: 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 :-) )
  • add: context (right click) menu for SIL
  • add: can type into VCB like > length(eg. 25,4 or 25,4mm or 1") > or angle in degrees(eg. ;45 ) >or length and angle(eg: 25,4;45)
  • add: can type into VCB: '[absolute]' or 'relative' coordinates
    • the last typed length and angle will be "remembered"
    • (to use for next "Return button hit: use last values")
    • the last clicked length will be "remembered"
    • the last clicked angle will NOT be "remembered"
    • the last typed coordinates will NOT be "remembered"
  • add: show coordinates on top left of the screen (if show extended tool-tip is enabled)
    • (I'm curious how user will like it...)
  • change: "better" guessing how to place/orient the protractor
  • tuned: The VCB text and values (still have to check)
  • bug: during first point selection the cursor had inference to ORIGIN too Resolved after Esc pressed the cursor still had inference to last point too. Resolved
  • bug: saving the length and angle snap settings has not been restored correctly: now it is saved as restored and the native snap status/values restored back as before the tool has been started
  • Other: small things here and there...

Known issues:

  • Your predefined keyboard shortcuts may override keyboard shortcuts in ProLine. Still. But all of the "non modifier key" functions are possible to reach via toolbar or context menu
  • If your system have regional seating to use ; for list separator and you have to use AltGR to type: you will see the cursor icon changes and protractor appearing during typing. It does not harm the function - as far as you don't move your mouse - but looks ugly and annoying...
  • On the border lines or vertices of group/components where they are touching each other or drawing elements outside, sometimes the SIL can't work properly
  • When one of the SIL is visible and you are doing some other change e.g. delete something it will "disturb" my Undo stack... Solution: Do NOT do it. ;-)
  • Other: small things here and there.
  • Please: report!