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Angular Dimension    v4.0

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This extension draws a group displaying the angle for a pair of edges. To use it, activate the tool either from the Tools menu or using the Angular Dimension toolbar and select three points, the first on one leg of the angle, the second at the vertex, and the third on the second leg of the angle. Pressing TAB on Windows or Alt/option on Mac toggles between drawing the interior (<180 degrees) and exterior (>180 degrees) dimension of the angle. When prompted, the user can type a value for the radius at which an angle arc is drawn.

Notes: due to limitations in the SketchUp Ruby API, the dimension drawn by this extension is not "associated" with geometry the way linear and radial dimensions are. It will not track if you change or move the edges that originally defined the angle. Most often the easiest way to track is to delete and then redraw the appropriate Angle Dimension group. Also, the text of the angle value is oriented to the view and may be hidden by other geometry as you orbit. This is also a limitation of the Ruby API.

This version retains the same basic functions as previously, but makes several changes to underpinnings: - It is now implemented as an extension - The Windows and Mac versions have been merged. This version should work for both - New icons and cursors have been added to make advantage of vector graphic support in SU 2016 - Mario Chabot kindly added Language Handler support for French - It is signed using the new process introduced with SU 2016 and will load correctly with extension policies other than unrestricted.