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Layers From List    v1.2

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Overview of Layers from List for SketchUp

A tool for SketchUp to read data from a .txt file and from that data add/change Layers by name and/or change the Layers' Colors.

A .txt file with the following data would creat 5 named Layers in SketchUp each with a appropriate RGB colour assigned.


Quickstart Guide for Layers from List for SketchUp

With a text editor create a file with a line for each Layer Name and Color, in the format:


The ":" is the separator between the Layer's Name and its R,G,B values. Note that if you do have ":" elsewhere in the Layer's Name it will still work.

You can change this separator by editing the .RB file at:
@separator = ":" To include another string inside the "".

However, do NOT use a ',' as that is reserved for the R,G,B separation.

The R,G,B Color values are separated by commas, and are integers 0 to 255. These represent the Red, Green, Blue values - the higher the number the more of that hue in the Color. Note that the Layer Color's 'A' alpha-transparency is not accessible in the Ruby API, but it can be done manually by editing the Layer's Color in the Layer Browser.

The file may be a plain text file of any name - obviously give it something that is meaningful to you, e.g. "MyNewLayers.txt"

Now run the tool from Extensions > TIG Layers from List menu

Chose the file and it is processed...
Layers are made if needed.
The Layer's color is changed to the R,G,B values in the file.
If no R,G,B is given, then a random color is assigned to the Layer,
or if it is existing, then its color is reused.
If an existing Layer is not listed in the file, then that is left unchanged.

The operation is one step undo-able.

1.0 20150507 First issue.
1.1 20150508 A ":" is now used as the Name separator.
1.2 20150601 Layer.color setting in Win8 now works consistently.