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2016 Click Cuisine    v1.1

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Plugin Click-Cuisine


It can be installed on your desktop computer and on your personal computer.

Click-Cuisine is international because it works 95% of the time with pictures and simple mouse clicks.

The full version of Click-Cuisine costs only €15 for use and updates lifetime.

To take advantage now of this introductory offer go to this PAGE

Click-Cuisine offers more than 4000 cabinets IKEA METOD range available in Europe and soon in the USA and Canada.

Click-Cuisine offers much more than IKEA furniture in offering you the ability to customize your furniture with your materials for a unique cuisine in the world.

To learn more, watch the "second video" or visit our training videos

I am new in the world of plugin and I need your support to continue :-)

Video 1: Click-Window 3D installation, in SketchUp.

Video 2: Click-Window 3D installation, in SketchUp 2017.

Video 3: Updated Dynamic Component extension, in versions prior to SketchUp 2017.

(This is mandatory if you installed Sketchup 2017).


Before you start the design of your kitchen, it is important to insert on your 3D scene, the "Command Panel" available with the "1" icon. '. Because this “command panel” contains more than 700 materials, indispensable for the proper functioning of Click-Cuisine ! It also allows you to choose the finishing of your facades and worktop before importing your first kitchen cabinet.


To scroll the available colors the "choice 1" and "choice 2", you must use icon “Interact with dynamic components” which is located in the toolbar “Dynamics Components", accessible from the view menu > toolbar > components dynamic”.