How to texture an Arch in SketchUp using ThruPaint

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arch texturing in SketchUp

In this tutorial you will learn to use Fredo's ThruPaint to texture an arch using it's QuadMesh UV feature. This technique is particularly useful for Architectural models that require you to reflect the real world construction using only a texture.

How to use Drop Vertices in SketchUp

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In this tutorial you will use to use TIG's Drop Vertices extension in SketchUp. Perfect if you need to manipulate terrain borders or align edges to objects in SketchUp

Download Drop Vertices

How to model a Gyroid in SketchUp

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SketchUp modelling mastermind Eric Lay shows off a great technique to quickly model a gyroid in SketchUp. Eric also shared the SketchUp file with the steps to modelling included in an easy to follow scene-based file.

Creating Realistic Lawns in SketchUp with Skatter

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Using CutNFill for SketchUp

In this tutorial you will be introduced to using Skatter to create realistic lawns in SketchUp. Skatter is a new particle extension for SketchUp that is packed with powerful features that make populating surfaces with objects a simple task.

For this tutorial we will use our own North American Grass Pack and some perennial weeds to add some realistic variation and appearance. Time to get skattering!

Using CutNfill in SketchUp

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Using CutNFill for SketchUp

Ever need to calculate how much fill you need to level a site? Luckily TIG has a tool that does just that. CutNfill is a commercial tool that, for only $20, that makes extracting and calculating site fill incredibly easy.

In this tutorial we will take a terrain, add detail, level the build area and extract the info using the CutNfill extension for SketchUp.

Download CutNfill

Adding Filled Section Cuts to SketchUp

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adding faces to section cuts to sketchup

SketchUp's Section Cut tool is awesome. To make it even better TIG wrote an extension for SketchUp to address the need to have filled Section Cuts. It is really easy to use and adds another level of sheen to your client presentations.

In this tutorial we will take a quick look at some of the features the TIG's Section CutFace extension.

Adding Angular Dimensions to SketchUp

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adding angular dimensions to sketchup

Ever struggled to add angular dimensions to your SketchUp models? Maybe your prepping your design drawings for LayOut and need to call attention to some important aspect of the build? Say hello to Angular Dimensions by Steve Baumgartner.

In this quick tip you will learn how to use Angular Dimensions to add inner and outer angular dimensions to your 3D models in SketchUp.

How to mirror objects in SketchUp

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mirroring objects in SketchUp

In this quick tip you will learn how to mirror selected objects or geometry in SketchUp. This is a time saver for objects that are symmetrical. When it comes to being productive in SketchUp knowing where, and when, to mirror objects can save you a heap of time.

You will learn how to do this using the SketchUp Scale Tool and the Flip Along context menu method. You will also learn how to do this via an extensions which supercharges the process!

Studio setup in V-Ray for SketchUp

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Cars included in exterior renders of architectural scenes help with the scene composition. Some 3D artists prefer to add them in post production using an image editor application. I prefer to include them in my scene using SketchUp.

At times there is a specific need of a car render look. By learning it, you are capable of outputting nice renders of cars, motorcycles and all other vehicles. So this tutorial focusses on how create a car paint and an studio set up for car rendering using V-Ray for SketchUp.

How to use Bundles to sync your SketchUp extensions

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syncing extensions in SketchUp

In this tutorial for SketchUp you will learn how to use Bundles in SketchUcation Tools 2.6.1 to sync your plugins and extensions to multiple devices. Your office and home desktops and laptops will thank you for me!

Not only that you can also sync different versions of SketchUp! Yep!

Want your fresh SketchUp 2014 install to have everthing that you had in SketchUp 2013? Easy...just use SketchUcation Tools.


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