MeshUp is the first real volume modeler for meshes to make life easier for 3D printing and for creators...

If you are familiar with Autodesk's MeshMixer then you are sure to see the attraction in MeshUp. Uformia, the MeshUp developers, uses various shelling functions and face healing features as a 3D print primer that allows users total control over watertightness and internal structure.

Below is a cross-sectional cutaway showing the micro-structure that can be added to any mesh. There are already various plugins for SketchUp that attempt to fix non-manifold models to make them 3D printer ready and that add internal structures but resolving these have become the 'holy grail' in ruby. MeshUp has the ability to repair meshes and export these in .STL format which is the standard format for 3D printing. It can also take advantage of direct manufacturing by using vector or image slice data.

internal micro-structure


Every object in Uformia's system is a true 3D volume (not voxels or parametric surfaces), because the software reduces each object to a mathematical function. This results in the ability to accurately represent real objects inside and out, opening up a wide range of new, innovative features and solutions for the 3D design space. It means we can re-imagine design, where for the first time humans can explicitly create complex objects at the scale and quality of nature. In the future, we plan to add new features to MeshUp for assigning material properties to your objects.

face healing in meshup

Uformia have started a KickStarter project to help realise the software's development. There are various rewards depending on the amount you back - from having your name recognised as a supporter to a trip to Svalbard for ice caving, glacier walking, visiting a ghost mining Soviet town, and world class gourmet food.



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