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MODELUR for parametric urban design    v0.5.1

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MODELUR is a revolutionary 3D application for parametric urban design that enables:

  • rapid design of built environment
  • quick response to changed conditions of planned site
  • automatic change of built environment
  • quick creation of different variants of urban design solution
  • avoiding mistakes issued by wrong building articulation
  • continuous supervision of achieved urban control values

In order to use Modelur Beta - Technical Preview, you need a license key. To receive yours, please register for Modelur Beta.

What is Modelur?

Modelur is 3D application for parametric urban design. It is implemented as a plug-in for Google SketchUp. To see what exactly Modelur is capable of, we warmly recommend you to take a look at our demo presentation.

Why should I use Modelur?

Main advantage of Modelur, in comparison to other applications, is that it is highly specialized for use in urban design and planning, which leads to great time savings when compared to traditional and CAD tools. Beside the tools that enable parametric design of buildings, it also offers simultaneous calculation of urban control values (for buildings and for whole plot), which makes it not only faster to design but it also reduces chances of making mistakes.

What do I need to start using Modelur?

To use Modelur you need SketchUp, which is freely available from here. Additionally you have to install Modelur, which you can download here. At the moment Modelur works on the same operation systems as SketchUp - Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

Where do I get Modelur?

We are currently in alpha phase of Modelur development. The application will be available publicly when we reach beta version. You are kindly invited to participate in our free PRE-BETA partner programme, which will give you the opportunity to test the application even before we go public.

How much does it cost?

All versions before we reach v 1.0 will be available free of charge.

Are there any minimum system requirements for using Modelur?

Yes. As Modelur relies on some functionality of other software, you should have the following software installed along with it:

  • SketchUp 6 or later
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later (for Microsoft Windows)
  • Safari 3 or later (for Apple Mac OS X)

How can I help?

First thing that you can do is to spread the word about Modelur. We are also open to your suggestions how to improve the program, which you can send us to suggestions. We are also in the phase of translation of user interface, therefore we would be thankful if you can help us with your knowledge of foreign languages.

Whom Modelur is designed for?

Modelur is basically a tool for urban designers, architects and students of those disciplines as it enables fast investigation of possible solutions in heterogeneous urban situations. Additionally it is also meant to help professionals from other disciplines and investors. Last, but not least, it can be also used by lay public, which represents important part of contemporary urbanism.

Where can I get help if I discover a problem or a bug?

Help is currently available on our forum. If you find a bug, please report it

Can Modelur be extended with additional functionality?

Of course. Flexible design of Modelur engine enables us to adapt it to specific needs. If you need additional functionality, that is not intended to be implemented in some of the future releases, we can prepare individualized software package, which is adapted to your needs. For more information, please contact us

v 0.5.0: - Enhancement: Added Complex (mixed-use) Buildings. - Enhancement: New licensing system, which enables offline use. - Enhancement: Buildings can now be created also from edges that form closed loop. You can select one of three options: 1.) don't create Buildings based on selected edges, 2.) create Building if only one edge is selected, 3.) create Building only if complete edges loop is selected. - Enhancement: Added randomizing of Building's number of storeys (Tools > Randomize Buildings Heights). - Enhancement: Improved performance when deleting remaining faces after Buildings were exploded. - Enhancement: SketchUp 2016 specific - when there are many entities in the model, Buildings were updated slowly when number of storeys have changed. This has been greatly improved. - Enhancement: Improved CSV export. - Enhancement: Prevented erasing of Modelur Building entities such as faces or edges when editing Buildings manually. - Enhancement: Added command line functionality to make some changes more quickly. When typing in S(sync) followed by a number in the First Storey Height parameter also changes Other Storeys Height to the same value, and vice versa. - Enhancement: Added new shortcuts for changing parameters values in input fields: Shift + UP, Shift + DOWN, Ctrl + Shift + UP and Ctrl + Shift + DOWN. - Enhancement: Improved automatic orientation of new Modelur Buildings. - Enhancement: Improved copying of Modelur Buildings, which are now moved a bit so you can easily see them. - Enhancement: Copying of Buildings is now completely transparent so that it does not interfere with SketchUp's undo/redo mechanism. - Enhancement: Modifying of Buildings using SketchUp's native Scale Tool is now completely transparent so you can now easily change its scale using Value Control Box the same way as with all regular Sketchup objects. - Enhancement: Improved proximity check between Modelur Buildings. - Bugfix: Regeneration of Building's Bounding Box if pushpull or storey heights are undone. - Bugfix: Handling of Modelur Buildings when layers containing them are deleted. - Bugfix: Modelur materials are now persistent, so there are no more errors when some of them get purged. - Bugfix: Modelur doesn't crash if some of the parametric maps are missing. - Bugfix: Copying Modelur Buildings from one .skp model to another.