[Plugin] (•BTM) …unfinished Animation script

[Plugin] (•BTM) …unfinished Animation script

Postby •BTM » Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:24 am

viewtopic.php?f=180&t=25064&start=30 … This thread gave me the idea to make my own animation script :bounce:
it's not done yet, but it works (mostly). There's just a few issues:

1. the frame rate doesn't seem to work right; it just plays as fast as possible, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, than the frame rate ( It doesn't matter when the animation is exported as frames though).

2. I used linear interpolation for animation, I should pick a better way; it's not that smooth, and doesn't work with scaling. Wouldn't try camera animating 'till I get it sorted out.

3. Because of #2, there are a lot of issues with animating groups/ geometry that are contained in other groups.

4. There's no undo yet, so I would recommend saving something as a new model if it was to be animated

for all these reasons, I figured I should post it here for feedback.

The controls aren't too hard; use 'set key' on a given frame to set the transformation of selected groups and geometry (with geometry, it sets vertex positions. It WILL create extra lines if the object's not triangulated). use the settings tool to change the animation settings and save them with the model, export tool to export, and use the play tool to play.

an example:
(Slow, because of a lot of vertex animating):
Sketch Motion Example 2.skp

side note: I think it would be possible to change the script to save multiple animations, but I wouldn't try it without a more complex UI (currently, an inputbox :lol: )
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