SU 19 - Outliner glitching

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SU 19 - Outliner glitching

Postby kaas » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:20 am

Anyone else noticed some strange behavior of the Outliner in v19?
In v18 there is a only brief glitch whenever you enter / leave / create a group.

In v19 its really clear and a much longer delay. It happens when: moving stuff - a group or even a single edge, entering or leaving a group in the viewport, adding a group, deleting loose edges or a group, changing the view to another scene.

I use the outliner all the time so closing it for doing even the basic stuff is no option. Its so annoying I'm thinking about sticking to v18.

I'm curious if someone can confirm this behavior or if its something wrong on my setup. See vid (actual speed)



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