Podium Trouble!

Podium Trouble!

Postby not registered yet » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:08 pm

I'm a new user of Podium and needless to say I'm bowled over by its ease and convenience of use. It worked at a reasonably good speed when i rendered simple objects, but recently i tried to render my first major scene and it was terribly and unusually slow. I left it to render and after a whole 6 hours it had just reached 12%. and to top it all my scene isn't all that complex either (correct me if i'm wrong!). I've attached the model too so if anyone could please take a look at it and lemme know how its possible to achieve a faster render that would be great.

I use the trial version and set Podium to render at 640x480 and with a lil more than medium speed with maximum smoothness. I use a laptop with 1.8Ghz, 1GB Ram and a 256mb graphics card. I just included all this info cuz i figure the problem might lie somewhere there too.

Thanx in advance fer all the help!! God bless u guys!!


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Re: Podium Trouble!

Postby ilay7k » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:08 pm

i try to render your work with podium 1.5 b2
and results:
1. all your settings - test 1, render time=1m16s

2. only change opacity of Translucent_Glass_Safety to 19
test 2, render time=7m18s

My hardware settings: amd-64bit 3200+(desktop pc), 1gb ram

I think you need to change pc or upgrade it...or post processing in fotoshop too
I forget to add res.1024x768

Also try Vray for sketchup(its from biased renders...)


Re: Podium Trouble!

Postby solo » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:09 pm

Using your settings and at 640 x 480 I rendered it at 26 seconds.
However I am using 1.5 b3.

I will add some omni lighting now and see how it turns out.

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Re: Podium Trouble!

Postby newvista » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:29 pm

I purchased the commercial version of podium today downloaded many types of materials like stone, wood etc from their website. I extracted the files and put them in respective sketchup material folders. (For example, if it is wood, C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\Materials\Wood)

I do not see them when I open my sketchup program. I also found out that the materails I got from podium is .jpg files and the ones in sketchup material folders are .skm.

Could somebody help me with this please? Thanks.


Re: Podium Trouble!

Postby remus » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:41 pm

You'll need to import them into SU and scale thme. From there you can then copy them into the normal materials folders.

To do this you'll need a face which you know the size of, say 1x1m. You then go file->import and select the 'use as texture' option. If you then apply this to your surface at a size relative to the face.

For future reference, youd probably be better of posting thigns like this in the newbie/sketchup forum.


Re: Podium Trouble!

Postby newvista » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:53 pm

Thanks remus.


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