Labelling Plugin - SU2021

Labelling Plugin - SU2021

Postby rorywalshbpg3 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 5:00 pm


I use SU regularly to assess daylight levels within proposed developments.
Part of my workflow involves the labelling (adding a numeric ID with 3D text) to surfaces (analysis grids) within my model. In some models I need to ID in excess of 500 surfaces.

In order for it to be easy for the reader of my reports to find all of the analysis grids in the output imagery it is important that the grids are ID'd in a logical sequence/pattern. i.e. analysis grids (which generally correspond to floor plans within rooms) are ID'd in a consistent direction from one apartment to another and from one level of the building to the next.

For buildings with large number of rooms this is a very manual, time consuming, process.
Gordon McIntyre's Number Components plugin has saved me a lot of time to date but it does not appear to be working with SU2021. It also has some limitations which cause me to have to intervene manually at many points in the process.

As this process is very time consuming it represents a significant bottleneck in my workflow when working on large projects.

I am hoping to engage a developer to help develop a tool which would automate this process.

Any assistance that can be provided would be very welcome.

Kind regards,



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