animator version error, please help me

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animator version error, please help me

Postby chals375 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:12 am


First of all, I hope you understand the awkwardness of English.

Writing on the translator.

I used the animator 2.1a version and thea render v2.

I was using it well, but after updating the animator to 2.3c, I can't turn it on.

When I press the render button, the word "no clip defined in model" appears.

So do files with dozens of clips.
Everything went dead.

I want to use version 2.1a again, but it is not possible because the period of use has expired.

If I set my computer time to the past, I can use it, but because thea render license is not available, rendering is not possible.

How shall I do it?
Please help me.T.T


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