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adding foreground trees in photoshopEver need to add foreground trees to your rendered SketchUp scene? This quick tip is all you need.

Creating realistic foreground trees in SketchUp is difficult to achieve but using an image editor like PhotoShop makes the process much quicker and easier.

Here we will use simple cloning and erasing to transform your scene.

Adding trees to your render

Locate an image of foreground trees - if image is coloured desatutrate using Image > Adjustments > Desaturate - to create a black and white version..

desaturate tree image

Using Image > Adjustments > Curves adjust the image to increase curves which will alter the black and white values.

adjust curves in photoshop

Copy and paste the tree layer over the original rendered image.

place tree image in position

Remove unwanted areas from the tree layer to leave mostly the tree.

erasing tree background in photoshop

Set the tree layer blend mode to Multiply and do any clean up needed.

final result