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adding wet grass in photoshopIn this tutorial you will add a quick wet grass type effect to your rendered SketchUp scene.

Creating realistic grass in SketchUp is difficult to achieve but using an image editor like PhotoShop makes the process much quicker and easier.

Here we will use simple cloning and erasing to transform your scene.

Adding grass to your render

Render out an image with a reflection on the grass surface.

opening sketchup render in photoshop

Locate an image for the wet grass you want to use. Try and find one that has the same colour reflection as the sky in the render so it blends with the image easier.

adding grass texture in photoshop

Distorting and Transforming grass

Copy and paste the grass layer over the original rendered grass. Distort the image, using Edit > Distort, so it matches the render perspective.

distorting grass texture in photoshop

Using a Soft Eraser ,remove the grass that overflows onto the road (Material ID can be of great use here)and use the Clone tool if required to smooth out any transitions.

erasing grass texture in photoshop

Tweaking your final result with Curves

Edit the Curves of the new grass layer with Image > Adjustment > Curves. This step is optional but can really make your final result merge with the image naturally.

editing curves in photoshop

The final result is very convincing and under 5 minutes to achieve.

final result in photoshop

Here's another example using the same technique to transform the scene.

adding wet grass with photoshop