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GKWare Door Maker Pro / Gold    v1.0.51

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Creates cabinet doors for all types of cabinets. Doors can be virtually any reasonable size. There are a variety of styles to choose from and a variety of textures. You can add additional textures if you wish. Door Maker Pro supports user definable profiles, named styles and handles and doors open and close.

Compatibility: Mac OS X, Windows, SU 7, SU 8, SU 2013, SU 2014, SU 2015, SU 2016 and SU 2017

Languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Spanish, Italian and German

Toolbar and Menu Item

Please note that the toolbar and menu have changed for the Door Maker Pro. There is now an option to add your own profiles.

There is a toolbar for my plugins called "GKWare Door Maker". There is a submenu under the Plugins menu called "GKWare Cabinet Door" and menu option under that called Door Maker. You may consider adding a hot key to the menu item. I have added 'D' as the hot key.

Door Maker input box

Here is the main input box used to configure the door(s) that you want to create. This example is in English. See documentation on language localization.


Face Frame


There are 12 styles: plain, shaker, square, arch, cathedral, double arch and double cathedral and 5 multi panel doors. The multi panel doors are square square, arch square, cathedral square, three panel square and mitered. Door Maker also adds handles and doors open and close. Door Maker "Gold" supports mullions, passage doors with Door Jambs, bifolds with half jambs and a number of other features.


There are 15 wood grain textures to choose from. You can add your own textures. There is an Images folder that contains textures as well as the gkwaredoormaker/texture.txt file. Add both a horizontal and a vertical texture in jpg format using the proper naming conventions. For instance maplever.jpg and place the single entry "maple,36" in the textures.txt file. You can also re arrange the order of the textures in the textures.txt file. I put "white,36" at the top of the file because I wanted it to appear first in the drop down list.


There is a door maker manual in the gkware_doormaker/DoorMaker.pdf

Alternatively you can view the manual on my web site. GKWare Door Maker Manual

Language Localization

DoorMaker currently supports English, French, Russian, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Spanish, German and Italian with other languages to come. There is a folder called Translations and in it are en.lang, fr.lang, ru.lang, zh.lang, zh_cn.lang, es.lang, de.lang and it.lang. The en.lang file can be used as a template for more language support. Anyone wishing to help out please contact me.

There is a Config.txt editor available from the plugins menu. GKWare Door Maker/Door Maker - Edit Config Change the Language: entry from "en" to one of the other language codes.


If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please click the "Feedback" button and leave me a message. You may also log on to my web site and contact me. Please include what version of SU and which OS you are using. My web site is WWW.CabMaker32.com

Door Maker Pro

Door Maker Pro - Passage Doors

Changing Material

Version 1.0.47 – Dec 1, 2015

  1. Modified screen sizing of web dialog.
  2. Fixed issue where some IE11 browsers were not rendering properly.

Version 1.0.42 – Apr 20, 2015

  1. Modified security. Some users were getting inaccurate error messages.
  2. Added more door handles.

Version 1.0.39 – Jan 2, 2015

  1. Input Form was getting to tall for Gold version. Added new tab for Gold version and moved some inputs to new tab.
  2. Moved “Language”, “Debug” and “Force Silhouettes Off” from input form to “Door Maker - Edit Config”.

Version 1.0.38 – Dec 23, 2014

  1. Added Config file editor. You can now edit a number of fields without having to find the files on your hard drive.
  2. Added extra space field which allows yo to pad the input form with more space.
  3. Added small_font field which you can turn on / off.
  4. Modified the menu option "Door Maker - Check License". It now brings up your userid and password which may need to be changed.