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McF3D    v8.51

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Draw a single line, the length of the first wall you want. Right-click on it and select 'Format-3D' and then the item of your choice. Or use the toolbar. Windows are made on demand, Interior and exterior doors also. These require a license. The 'Opening' will also only work with licensed extension.

You need to install the latest SkechUcation ExtensionStore. It is also a nice extension manager, by the way.

1- Go to www.sketchucation.com 2- Register as a member. (there is a free account if you wish). 3- Click the Resources tab, then Plugin Store download. Note where it is downloaded.

4- In Sketchup, open the Extension manager, hit the red Install button at the bottom and find the SketchUcationTools.rbz file. 5- On the new toolbar click the first icon and enter the very same info you gave at registration.

You can download and update extensions with this.

Quit and Restart SketchUp. I hope you have fun with my extension. :-)

v 1.5 - Added 'thickness' so a strip is made , ready to pull-out. v 1.52 - Added a Toolbar. v 1.6 Works in all units formats. v 1.8 Added Spanish and Italian, feb.2017. v 1.9 Auto perpendicular wall feb.2017. v 2.0 Works in groups & compos. v 2.01 Added Russian, thanks to Dmitri. v 3 Added automatic perpendicular wall. v 4 internal tests v 5 Dynamic windows no more required !! (License is tought :-). Dynamic doors still available on my web site. v 5.02 Correction to let sun through. And signature persist. v 5.1 Interior doors! a first set. v 5.1a Sun block bug correction v 5.1b Completed the Spanish strings v 5.1c Completed the Italian strings v 5.1d Completed the Russian strings. Thanks to Anton. Corrections to all languages. v 5.1e Now Opening on multiple entities. Select a bunch of elements, to open all the F3D components. Will disregard any other entities. v5.1e2 Corrected the false Update message from Extension Warehouse. v 6.0 Added Exterior doors: First set = Swinging and Sliding (2) v 6.01 Better Doors on Rail (suspended) and Multiple Glass now even spaced. v 6.1 Windows dimensions, widht and height can now be given including mouldings. v 6.2 Start of upgrade to HTML, with Line to wall. V 6.3 Upgraded this first Html dialog and added signature. V 6.4 Html to second tool. v 6.5 Html to window tool. V 6.5c Infos dialog, strings added v 6.6 Html to interior doors tool. And better handling of units. v 6.7 Added images to windows tools. corrected included mouldings. v 7.0 All tools now HTML. dec. 2018 v 8.0 Components are now placed directly !! At last ! And right-click to add more. v. 8.1 Much better units management!! And a little clean up. :-) v 8.2 Accepts all units formats. No need to set decimal to dot anymore !! v 8.3 Optimized with JSON. better code. v 8.4 Add dimensions labels, and defo-user clean-up

8.4c Corrected dimensions labels for decimal units. And SU 2107 Handle component.

8.4d Better "Go to site", and labelling. Version display in info first launch.

8.5 Added instructions, video link and arched top windows

8.51 Added deutch. minor corrections.