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McF3D    v8.4d

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Draw a single line, the length of the first wall you want. Right-click on it and select 'Format-3D' and then the item of your choice. Or use the toolbar. Windows are made on demand, Interior and exterior doors also. These require a license. The 'Opening' will also only work with licensed extension.

You need to install the latest SkechUcation ExtensionStore. It is also a nice extension manager, by the way.

1- Go to www.sketchucation.com 2- Register as a member. (there is a free account if you wish). 3- Click the Resources tab, then Plugin Store download. Note where it is downloaded.

4- In Sketchup, open the Extension manager, hit the red Install button at the bottom and find the SketchUcationTools.rbz file. 5- On the new toolbar click the first icon and enter the very same info you gave at registration.

You can download and update extensions with this.

Quit and Restart SketchUp. I hope you have fun with my extension. :-)

v 1.5 - Added 'thickness' so a strip is made , ready to pull-out. v 1.52 - Added a Toolbar. v 1.6 Works in all units formats. v 1.8 Added Spanish and Italian, feb.2017. v 1.9 Auto perpendicular wall feb.2017. v 2.0 Works in groups & compos. v 2.01 Added Russian, thanks to Dmitri. v 3 Added automatic perpendicular wall. v 4 internal tests v 5 Dynamic windows no more required !! (License is tought :-). Dynamic doors still available on my web site. v 5.02 Correction to let sun through. And signature persist. v 5.1 Interior doors! a first set. v 5.1a Sun block bug correction v 5.1b Completed the Spanish strings v 5.1c Completed the Italian strings v 5.1d Completed the Russian strings. Thanks to Anton. Corrections to all languages. v 5.1e Now Opening on multiple entities. Select a bunch of elements, to open all the F3D components. Will disregard any other entities. v5.1e2 Corrected the false Update message from Extension Warehouse. v 6.0 Added Exterior doors: First set = Swinging and Sliding (2) v 6.01 Better Doors on Rail (suspended) and Multiple Glass now even spaced. v 6.1 Windows dimensions, widht and height can now be given including mouldings. v 6.2 Start of upgrade to HTML, with Line to wall. V 6.3 Upgraded this first Html dialog and added signature. V 6.4 Html to second tool. v 6.5 Html to window tool. V 6.5c Infos dialog, strings added v 6.6 Html to interior doors tool. And better handling of units. v 6.7 Added images to windows tools. corrected included mouldings. v 7.0 All tools now HTML. dec. 2018 v 8.0 Components are now placed directly !! At last ! And right-click to add more. v. 8.1 Much better units management!! And a little clean up. :-) v 8.2 Accepts all units formats. No need to set decimal to dot anymore !! v 8.3 Optimized with JSON. better code. v 8.4 Add dimensions labels, and defo-user clean-up

8.4c Corrected dimensions labels for decimal units. And SU 2107 Handle component.

8.4d Better "Go to site", and labelling. Version display in info first launch.