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Layers To List    v1.0

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Suitable for SketchUp Versions >= 2014...
The RB file goes in the Plugins folder [restart Sketchup].
Or much easier, no restart required !
Use the Preferences > Extensions > Install button... on the RBZ archive.


A tool to write Layers' data to a file :
Layer's by Name and the Layer's Colors RGB values.

Plugins|Extensions > TIG-LayersToList

Makes a file with a line for each Layer Name and Color, in the format:


The ":" is the separator between the Layer's Name and its R,G,B values.

The R,G,B Color values are separated by commas, and are integers 0 to 255.
These represent the Red, Green, Blue values - the higher the number the more
of that hue in the Color.
Note that the Layer Color's 'A' alpha-transparency is not accessible in the
Ruby API.

The file is a plain text file of any name - obviously give it something
that is meaningful to you.

Run the tool...

Chose the file-name... by default it is "ModelName_Layers.txt",
in the same folder as the model.
The LayerName:R,G,B data is written to the file.
Layer names are sorted in order, but "Layer0" always comes first.
The file is opened...


This file can be used in another Model in conjunction with the sibling tool
You can edit the file before importing its data as desired.

1.0 20150531 First issue.