[Plugin] SketchyFFD Free Form Deformation.

[Plugin] SketchyFFD Free Form Deformation.

Postby CPhillips » Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:57 am

Ruby plugin to do Free Form Deformation of geometry. A pictures worth a thousand words.

Install by putting the script in your plugins directory.

-Create a group with all the geometry you wish to deform. This group should contain just faces and/or lines.
-Right click the group and select either 2x2 or 3x3 FFD. Depending on the size of the model it could take a while (seconds I hope). At the end you should see a new group containing nothing but control points
-Open the group and move the control points as you wish.
-Right click and select Update FFD. Group should deform. Again it make take seconds to minutes to finish depending on the size of the model.
-You can press Undo or you can continue to refine the control points. Make sure you close control point group before updating.

Bugs and limitations:
-BUG. If you start a FFD and the control points don't match the object you need to explode and regroup the object. Then try the FFD again.
-Only one FFD at a time. The script uses a few globals for speed.
-Only works on geometry in a group and only one layer deep.
-Sometimes hidden edges don't move right. Dont know why. Might be a bug in Sketchup.

Update: Fixed a bug.

Update Feb 12. New version:
-Support for NxN deforms.
-Mesh automatically when you move control points.
-Added status text progress when it is weighing and deforming the mesh.

Update Mar 21.
-Moved all FFD right click menu items to a sub menu.
-Fixed a bug that forced you to have a least 2 control point in each direction. You can now have do 2D grids. IE. 1x4x3.
-Added an option to create a NxN 2d patch. A grid with a control point at each intersection.

There is much more up to date version available from the newer main thread here viewtopic.php?p=36127#p36127 - this original version is left here only 'for interest'... TIG

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Re: [Plugin] SketchyFFD Free Form Deformation.

Postby sawhack » Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:56 pm

did you make the monster head using only this ruby script? can you make a complete tutorial for that organic shape? FFD i only found it in 3ds max and you make for sketchup great plugins



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