[Plugin] Instant Roof

[Plugin] Instant Roof

Postby chuck vali » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:19 am

Instant Roof - the easiest way to make roofs!

Thanks to the SketchUcation community Instant Roof is available in French(Didier Bur), Spanish(Diego Rodriguez), and Portuguese(Marcelo Pavan).

**New** User Contributed Styles Library is now available at our website.
A "Styles Library" is now available for users to post their own roof styles for others to download and use. I have just added two styles "Thatched Roof" and "Sea Lodge". The Styles Library can be found at Miscellaneous Downloads.http://www.valiarchitects.com/misc_downloads
Instructions on how to create, export and import styles to Instant Roof is available in pdf format.http://www.valiarchitects.com/sites/default/files/tutorials/pdf/Roof-Styles.pdf
We look forward to seeing your roof creations or just download styles and post a user rating for that style.

What Instant Roof can do:
* Create a complex roof in seconds - just select faces and edges; then run Instant Roof.
* Hip, gable, shed, dutch-gable, mansard, plantation, gambrel, open-trellis, combined, more...
* Eave types: boxed-in, exposed, soffited
* Hips and rafters with customizable ends
* Fascia, fascia-trim, ridge and hip tiles, shingles, or sheet-metal
* Complete mission tile or standing-seam roof
* Use default roof styles - or create your own
* Export and Import user defined roof styles
* Choose any unit type supported by Sketchup: Metric- angles for slope or Feet/ inches - ratio for slope
* Upgrade to Pro version for more roof slopes (The free version will only create the following roof slopes: 1/8:12 (0.6 degrees) ; 2:12 (9.5 degrees) ; 6:12 (26.6 degrees) ; 16:12 (53 degrees) or 24:12 (63 degrees).

Plugin Author: Vali Architects (Chuck Vali)
Plugin Website: http://www.valiarchitects.com/sketchup_scripts

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Re: [Plugin] Instant Roof

Postby ScrubBrush » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:09 pm

Tried this out on a gambrel and it only produced the skins. no rafters or truss system. so basically a fake roof skin of no value to me.


Re: [Plugin] Instant Roof

Postby McGyVer » Tue May 01, 2012 3:38 pm

Thank you very much!
This is very weird, I just went to your site after reading an old issue of 3D World, to check out this plugin! I downloaded the free versions of this and the other two scripts you have there and was wondering to myself-"This is so cool and useful! Why hasn't anyone mentioned this before!?!" Ha,now I find this post here!!
I only had time to play around with this for a few minutes so far- BUT- definitely well thought out and very useful.
Also VERY generous to offer a free version!
Thank you!
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Re: [Plugin] Instant Roof

Postby FireDean » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:54 am

If only Id found this plug in BEFORE i went through all the trouble of making my own roof! Great program. Highly reccomend, save yourself...AND ...customer service is fast and all on the up-n-up


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