[plugin] Museum/Gallery HTML reference

[plugin] Museum/Gallery HTML reference

Postby morisdov » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:45 pm

Make your 3D models more valuable by linking them –
Camera views, Layers visibility, animation states, and Scene selections…
from and to an external HTML reference document.

HTML enables rich text annotation and incorporates images and videos,
making HTML the best format today for documenting and creating guides and knowledge bases.
Linking 3D models to rich HTML references will make the 3D models much more valuable
once they can be peeled, dissected, investigated, explored, animated, etc ..
and should make worthwhile the time and design intelligence invested by model builders.


the post below motivated me to find the time to advance this plugin into current beta state -
with your feedback i hope to find any bugs to advance to released state,
more features are considered for the release ....

for animation you need [plugin] proper animation version_1.06
please start with simplest html file and move on one small step at a time
please post your demo design examples : skp + html pairs and valuable feedback
Museum-Gallery Reference Tutorial.pdf


Re: [plugin] Museum/Gallery HTML reference

Postby mjvo » Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:46 pm

On OSX in GS 8 Pro, the Ruby console is indicating that the plugin is appending "\\" instead of "/" when trying to locate the HTML file.

"/Users/user/Downloads/gallery_reference_1.07/sample\\Art_museum1.htm file does not exist"


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