[Plugin][WebDialog] nsetSketchupApi 1.00

[Plugin][WebDialog] nsetSketchupApi 1.00

Postby chrisglasier » Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:42 am

nsetSketchupAPI 1.00 offers a view of the classes and methods included in Google Sketchup's Api in a small resizable interface.
apiDevice Nov 022.png
This type of index not only moves the information into focus but also traps selections for use by other devices planned or yet to be identified. Click device names in slider 3 to navigate; click again to invoke action. (*=suggestions)

We have been careful to use design criteria posted here to ensure Mac compatibility, but we are Mac-less, so cannot test the reality. Feedback will really help this work turn into a forum-wide SCF asset.

For those who use PCs there is also a hypertext application (.hta) that provides the same functionality without having to launch Sketchup. For this version open the device by double-clicking /nset/Sketchup/API/device.hta in your plugins file. Please note this is an executable file.


Edit Nov 16: Got an idea for a new device please go to the discussion topic.

Nov 17 - added picture

Nov 17 - subsequent posts moved to discussion topic
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