[Code] entities.add_linear_dimension

[Code] entities.add_linear_dimension

Postby TIG » Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:45 pm



    Adds new Method the Sketchup Entities class

    add_linear_dimension(start_point, end_point, offset, rotation)

    The first pair are Sketchup::Point3d's (or as Arrays [x,y,z]).
    The second pair are both optional:
    . 'offset' determines the offset from the two points.
    default=0.0, as number [==inches] or units [e.g. 50.mm or 2.inches] or a string
    that could be read as a length [e.g. "50mm" or "2\""].
    Note that there are NO leaders drawn for an offset dimension.
    . 'rotation' turns the dimension about the length-axis (of 2 points).
    default=0.0, it is entered in degrees.
    These two work together:
    an offset of 0 and a rotation of 0 give a 'flat' dimension spanning
    between the two points,
    an offset of 0 and a rotation of 90 give a 'vertically' oriented
    dimension spanning between the two points,
    an offset of 2" with a rotation of 0 gives a 'flat' dimension offset
    from the two points,
    an offset of 2" and a rotation of 90 gives a 'vertically' oriented
    dimension offset 2" above the two points.;
    and so on...

    Needs 'linear_dimension.skp' in the Plugins folder
    it could be customized: keep it 1" long x 0" high.

    If you want a dimension that is readable from any direction then add
    two on top of each other, one rotated at 0 and the other at 90. As one
    disappears from view the other will become visible...

    1.1 20090820 First Release

Extract the two files from this zip file and put them both into the Plugins Folder...
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