Dimensioning object at an angle in Layout

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Dimensioning object at an angle in Layout

Postby FrostyMug » Sun May 01, 2022 10:38 pm

I am trying to snap dimensions on an object which is at an angle in Layout (in this case it is a 4x4 lumber post for the kids swingset, actual dimension is 3-1/2" x 3-1/2"). The post is at a 20 degree angle from vertical. This is a detail where I cannot see either end of the post, so I don't have an intersecting edge to inference off in order to get a dimension that is perpendicular to the post. I have not found a way to get the dimensioning tool to inference off anything other than the green or red axis, which seems to be useless for this task. I can eyeball it, but I hope there is a better way to accomplish this so the dimension is actually perpendicular to the post. I have attached a screenshot of what I am trying to accomplish, with a few dimensions snapped for visual reference. The further away from perpendicular the snap points are placed on the object, the further off the dimension is. Can somebody please help me with this?

Layout 2020 Screenshot - Dimensioning at Angle.JPG


Re: Dimensioning object at an angle in Layout

Postby Dave R » Mon May 02, 2022 12:06 am

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2018?

Maybe the easiest way is to place a guideline across the leg in SketchUp and use the intersections of the guideline with the edges of the leg. After you place the dimension, render as Vector and the guideline won't show.

Screenshot - 5_1_2022 , 6_04_31 PM.png
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Re: Dimensioning object at an angle in Layout

Postby FrostyMug » Wed May 04, 2022 4:23 pm

Thank you for your reply, Dave.
I am using SketchUp/LayOut 2020.
That is certainly a workaround, but I would need to adjust my workflow to accommodate that... I use guidelines all the time, but I am a heavy user of the Edit -> Delete Guides function. It would be strange (for me) to leave a guideline in my model, is that something "normal" to do?
The other workaround that I found was to draw a line on top of a model edge in LayOut, then draw a perpendicular line via the inference engine which creates points for me to snap a dimension to. The only problem there is that it does not snap to the model, and therefore does not reflect the scale of the model (see "9/16" dimension on attachment). I can remedy that by deleting the lines drawn in LayOut, then moving one of the "legs" of the dimension so that it snaps to the model, and therefore reflects the model scale. It's a workaround, but I guess it works. Would you have any other suggestions that I could try?
Thank you again, Dave, I appreciate your expertise.
Layout 2020 Screenshot - Drawing Lines for Dimensions.JPG

Layout 2020 Screenshot - Dimension not to Scale.JPG

Layout 2020 Screenshot - Delete Lines & Snap Dimension Points to Model.JPG


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