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Move in place

Postby morganmangrove » Thu Mar 31, 2022 11:06 am

Hi everybody.
I have a special need, I don't think that it's very complicated but I haven't found any plug in that allows me to make a simple thing.
I'd like to be able to duplicate an element in the same place. I explain the reason:
When I'm creating 3D models, in architecture, I use several components, especially one called "wall module" (I'm french so it's "module mur"). I've set the scale anchors in the component property etc...
But when I'm copying those Wall modules, sometimes the inference doesn't let me do my things, neither the snap.
So I only work using copy in place and scaling so the walls are perfectly aligned.
What I'd like is to have a simple command that replace the following pattern:
1 Select Object
2 "M" (for move) and CTRL for copy
3 Click basepoint of the object
4 "0" (zero) for distance
5 "Enter" to validate.


1 CTRL + C
2 CTRL + Shift + V (paste in place)

Does anyone have an idea? I didn't find on the internet. I just want a simple Shortcut.


Re: Move in place

Postby Rich O Brien » Thu Mar 31, 2022 12:12 pm

What is wrong with CTRL+C and CTRL+SHIFT+V?
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