Is there any material UI plugin?

Is there any material UI plugin?

Postby bigleafe » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:11 pm

As titles
I work as interior designer and I used sketchup+vray to show my ideas
I found it quiet difficult to adjust or manage my material with default UI when models growth

For examples
I used black for table and chair, naming black_metal 1 & chair_black
When I finally confirmed material, I have to changed it to same drawing code in CAD materiel list
such as MT-01 represent metal material no.01; PT-02 represent painting no.02

But I can only see two black square in default material UI
I cant make more tags or classification
Materials sometime duplicate with different name

Is there any plugins look like layer panels or layer managers but for material

I can use folders to manege my materials

-165fwsdf <-materiel come with models from others

<Metal> <-folder with custom name
-MT-01 <- materiel I create or re-named


or maybe put in folders with group/component name ?

<Table> <- group name
-MT-02 <- material used in this group

(Thx for your patience and help )


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