Adding and showing scribe to a component

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Adding and showing scribe to a component

Postby jtri » Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:11 pm

We add scribe to many things we make. Baseboard will typically have a 1/2" of scribe added, so 4" baseboard goes out at 4 1/2". counters add 1" to unfinished ends and so on. Sometime we even add feet to the length of a counter if our information for a room is incomplete. Cheaper to send it long then to remake!
Fillers are many times 6" or 12" wide to be ripped in the field as needed. These are many times just sent out even if they are not on the drawings.
My current call out on drawings is using words to denote when and where scribe is required.
I was wondering when people model is scribe considered and modeled and if so how do they model scribe?
If not in the model then layout or both?


Re: Adding and showing scribe to a component

Postby Dave R » Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:26 pm

Jeff, I don't generally model scribe allowances per se but there are similar sorts of added material I have to show. I'm working on a project right now which has through tenons that run slightly proud of the legs. The outer face of the leg is tapered so the tenons are made extra long and then marked for trimming during dry fit. I'll include some additional length in my materials list and use dashes to show the tenons before trimming. I expect you could do something similar for your parts. You don't necessarily need to model the scribe allowance although doing so would make your materials list/cut list less likely to need editing and potentially reduce errors.
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Re: Adding and showing scribe to a component

Postby jtri » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:05 pm

As all my scribes are into walls or floors they do not really impact my model (they are really never seen) and I also try never to model anything out of context. I think my stuff should be drawn the way it is built. The section cut will tell the story and words are not needed. Really do not even need dashed lines.
Your example is very different. All through tenons need scribe added. Having that information in the materials list is a good place and then the model will look as it should when finished. A detail of the joint may be all that is needed.
Thanks for helping me think this through.


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