A Tip for Making Scrapbooks

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A Tip for Making Scrapbooks

Postby Dave R » Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:32 pm

I was just making a new scrapbook and thought I’d share a tip that might not be very obvious. The width of the paper relative to the content impacts the display of the scrapbook items in the Scrapbook panel. For example here I have my content on the default letter size paper.
Screenshot - 10_11_2019 , 4_57_55 PM.png

When saved as a scrapbook the content shows up very small in the panel.
Screenshot - 10_11_2019 , 4_58_34 PM.png

By reducing the size of the page show it is only slightly larger than the content…
Screenshot - 10_11_2019 , 4_57_21 PM.png

…the items are spread across the Scrapbook panel and are easier to see.
Screenshot - 10_11_2019 , 4_57_32 PM.png
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