Dynamic Component Rotate & Scale?

Dynamic Component Rotate & Scale?

Postby mattw0711 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:57 pm

So i did some searching and I don' think I saw anything that relates to this yet. I am building a dynamic component door to use for modeling and for CDs. I have a 3D version completely scale-able and opens/closes upon a click (no problems there). Along with the 3D version, I also have a 2D version to use in "plan mode" to properly represent the door in 2D once in layout. I also have a separate click action to change the angle of the 2D door (from 90 to 45 to 33). Though graphics standards for CDs typically shows doors open 90 deg with an arch show travel of door to close, there are times I need to show a different angle of "openness", for whatever reason.

My question is this: When I adjust the rotation angle of the door (which is easy enough to do), is there a way to "scale" the arch swing along with it? Meaning, if the door is open 90 deg, then then arch is a quarter of a circle, when adjusted to 45 deg the arch swing would then be half that, etc.

Right now, I have the actions setup to be an animated rotation and trying to find a way to adjust the size of the arch swing with the animation. My back up plan is to simply create a version of the door at 90, 45, 33, 0 and create a drop down menu to toggle between the varying degrees. With that said, I would much prefer the animated method, hence my post.

Thank you to all who view this, any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: Dynamic Component Rotate & Scale?

Postby SJS66 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:02 am

Hi mattw0711, it would probably be easiest if you attached the .skp file or some screenshots at least. It's just easier for people to understand exactly what your trying to achieve. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too hard to do. There are some other posts on using OnClick animate on multiple objects & some example files to download as well. Here's the link to one.
Not sure how relevant it is to what your trying to achieve. Cheers.
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