CutNfill Extension Crash

CutNfill Extension Crash

Postby dnselby » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:28 pm

I have SketchUp Pro 2018 I'm having a problem with TIG's CutNfill extension. Every time I try to calculate volumes it crashes SketchUp. It has worked in the past with V2 on SketchUp Pro 2018. Can't get it to work now with crashing. I've installed a licensed version of V3 with the same results.


Re: CutNfill Extension Crash

Postby TIG » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:01 pm

It would have been a good idea to post this report in the tool's main thread.
I almost missed this.

Without your problem SKP itself, then who can tell what's actually happening?

Is it failing on every SKP or one in particular ?

How does it 'crash' ?
e.g. it hangs, it bugsplat, it shows a zero volume result ?

It works fine for me.

It is possible to devise two solids which when one is subtracted produces a non-solid.
Since the API uses the Solid-tools as a basis, please try doing a manual subtraction of one from the other - make a copy of the two solids beforehand and also do the opposite subtraction if the first succeeds. There might be some tiny difference in the volumes creating ultra-thin slivers in the subtractions, thereby causing issues ??

Do you still have v2 to retry ?

The licensing regime doesn't change with version.
So reinstalling v2 over v3 will probably work ?
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