Wishes for Userinterface Mac / Classes for structuring

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Wishes for Userinterface Mac / Classes for structuring

Postby johnnygitarr » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:28 am


I think SKP should get a new/overhault Userinterface for Mac (dunno how it is in Windows).

If you have a ton of installed Plugins it gets confusing.
To much small Windows! Every small Window gets a Head (Line with small red dot),
so we give away to much Pixels with this Line.

- Tools/Plugins Windows should be dockable and, maybe close to a Headline,
like the normal SKP-Windows (Stile, Layer, ...)
Or such a Userinterface like Adobe did it with their Apps.
- Icons and/or Text (only) should be shown as you like

A Application-Frame for Sketchup Mac is needed, not all Windows seperate.

Classes for structuring
I think we need Layers and Classes (like Vectorworks) for managing the Objects.
With Classes we need much less Layers.

Example (Architecture):
Layer "Groundfloor"
Classes: Interior Walls, Exterior Walls, Windows, Doors, Ceilings, Furniture, ...

And a Mangager-Tool for Classes- and Layers, so that we can safe different Setups we want.
So by one-click you get the saved View (Classes on/off/greyed out, Layers on/off/greyed out)

New showing method for Layers (and Classes, if we can get them)

"on" = visible an editable
"off" = unvisible
and new "greyed out" = lighter visible but not editable

Hope we can get Apple Metal or Vulcan support for SKP for a faster experience.



Re: Wishes for Userinterface Mac / Classes for structuring

Postby pbacot » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:57 pm

I'd just be happy with docked or more manageable windows. EVERY session have to screw with those. And DON'T open a new document all the time!
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