Need A Patterned Glass

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Need A Patterned Glass

Postby sketchgirl1 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:15 am


I have a weird problem with my Vray (3.6, 1 year subscription). For some reason - and I have communicated with Vray back and forth to no avail - I cannot originate in a model a Vray material that has a map associated with it, nor can I import a Vray texture with a map; nothing happens when I try to attach them. However, if I can get hold of an actual piece of a model that has the material already attached to it, I can paste that into my model and make use of the material from then on. I am wondering if anyone could forward a little piece of a model, a rectangle, anything, that has one or a few Vray patterned glasses (vertical pattern or striped pattern would be best) attached to it. I would really appreciate it. I've been working around this problem in general and have done okay, but now I'm working on a model that features a patterned glass.

Thank you.


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