Trouble installing Materials

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Trouble installing Materials

Postby dgood133 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:16 pm

Hi I am attempting to install Thea materials SKM format DL from the resources area on Thea site.
I am using SU pro 2016 on a mac, in the instructions it says to copy content to the materials folder inside Library/Application support/SU this folder does not exist... assume the instructions are written for older version of SU

I have attempted to place it directly inside the program by right click/show contents on the application icon in application folder. I installed to the resources materials folder and the new materials showed up in the program however when I go to use them it does not render " renders black " I assume this is because it is not installed correctly.

On side note also having issues with getting the lights to work I have attempted to follow the tutorials on applying lights
I can place in scene but they do not light the scene...

any advice / help with this greatly appreciated


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