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tutorials / faq

Postby kaas » Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:55 pm

I played a bit with the Kubity app. I like it but I'm struggling with the controls. I'm using the cardboard v2 together with a S5 mini.

Switching scenes doesn't work well for me. It sometimes seems to switch to walk mode and pressing again doesn't do much.

Maybe someone can post a faq to help us(me) dummies with simple things like:
* setting up camera's (scenes) in SketchUp. What does the app use from the SketchUp scene? Only the position? More?
* how to change scenes in the app
* how to move around in the app
* modelling units

it would be great if all these basic things would be posted in some FAQ to help people out really maximizing the potential of this.



Re: tutorials / faq

Postby kaas » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:24 am

I played some more with the app. Some observations;

To switch scenes I enable the animation mode (look down to see the menu). After choosing 'play' the next time you press the button, you go to the next scene. Sometimes, it doesn't work though - it seems to skip scenes or doesn't work altogether (contact me if you want to know which project/user to test yourself).

I noticed a bug (on my phone); if you already have some projects on you phone, scanning a qr code for another project doesn't work anymore / not always. It just opens a project you already have. To add the project you have to open the url in a webbrowser and switch to the app.

Edit; the eye-height of the camera positions in the app doesn't seem to (always) match the eye-height (scenes) in SketchUp.

Some ideas / suggestions;
* maybe expand the menu (looking down) with the other options like 'walk', 'sun' etc?
* will changing visibility of layers or objects be possible at some point?
* will it be possible to host the model on your own webserver yourself (at some point?)


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