[RELEASE] Alpha 0.0.2

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[RELEASE] Alpha 0.0.2

Postby jiminy-billy-bob » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:03 pm

Here is the alpha 0.0.2

Not much has changed, but now all the calculation is done is C++, so it is much faster (between 4 and 100 times faster, depending on the situation and what is calculated).
Though, this will not impact the speed at which the model is populated with component instances. (Except on Vray, due to the way it works it tends to slow down SU when creating components. I optimized this to get up to 150x faster)

Only 2 features added this time (most of my time was spent on porting it to C++):
- Now Skatter automagically recreate exploded curves.
- You get better preview when picking surfaces/areas/objects
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