photorealistic rendering wood

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photorealistic rendering wood

Postby frv » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:30 pm

Hi, I am new here in this group. I worked for 20 years on a big wooden boat and I also have an architectural firm. I love to work with wood and Sketchup. At our office we design a lot using wood and we most often use Sketchup and lately Modo to model our designs.

We also render our work to show our clients and of course wood must have the typical feeling of wood also in our renders. Then wood is not all that easy, especially to render the typical warm sense untreated wood has as opposed to stained or lackered wood.

I have started to work on my materials using Aroway Textures and Maxwell to render my SU models.
I will show some more later on, this is the beginning, the third image is modelled in Skechup. The other 2 are not but rendered in Maxwell as well. ... index.html

Hope my work will contribute to this forum,
Fillie Verhoeven


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