Printing from SU Pro Ver 6

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Printing from SU Pro Ver 6

Postby Allen Weitzman » Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:32 pm


This has probably been mentioned before but..

I've been working on a school addition to a synagogue and bought Entourage Arts 2d plan view elements to liven up the site plan. The file is now quite large.

When I try to export a png file at 4000 horizontal (the largest my computer would allow - the others failed) it took over an hour. I tried to print a pdf to file and kept having problems with portions of the plan being omitted no matter what settings I tried. Finally went to a tabloid size plot (wanted larger) at the highest resolution and it too took a long time.

I seem to remember reading something about this somewhere and it being a SU 6 issue so I saved down to version 5 and the pdf file took but a few moments to print right the first time.

I would have thought this would have been fixed by now. I have the latest version of SU install in a HP laptop with ATI video card running XP.

poster-Allen Weitzman

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