[Animation] Rubik's Snake

[Animation] Rubik's Snake

Postby SimFonIA » Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:00 pm

SketchUp Animation of Rubik's Snake

Codes of shapes have been found on http://www.thomas-wolter.de
(this site is in Germany but written in english)

This work was done with the plugin "SimFonIA Animation Tools".


3D Draw of the Snake : 5 mn (max)
Using of the move-repeat command

Defining of the 24 groups (of groups) and placing 24 3-axis systems : 45 mn
Axis systems well defined allow easier animations

Generic script definition : 15 mn
The script does the decoding of the "sequence" of the shape to the temporal simualtion
of angles. Here the work was done with VHDL-AMS language and simulator
but it could be done with EXCEL, MATLAB, C ...

Association definition : 5 mn
Our plugin allows to define for each property of an entity an association
with a value in a file. Here we do rotation of groups driven by results
of simulation.

Managing animations

For each shape of the snake : 2 mn (max)
Importing sequence in the script and simulation to a result file.
Then lauch animation in Sketchup driven by the result filec.
The video is generated on the fly.

THe presented animation was done with concatenation of several sequence in the simulation script.

We can do a WebGL export with 1 click.
We are preparing a specific web site.



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