Su & Games

Su & Games

Postby DragonSlayer44 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:06 pm

Where to start?? :!: I've been working on an isometric game for awile, as I reached a stopping point. Because (writting script is borring)! and the detail on the buildings was less then great, but with KT+SU+Makehuman that will be a lot less of a pain! & I can render in (KT), why KT its(more of an art program),it rocks & its free!! & im a starving artist!! :(
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Re: Su & Games

Postby solo » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:17 pm

Dragonslayer / Tony

Welcome to SCF.

The coding of games is not my realm however there are one or two guys that frequent this forum that will sure be able to help you, one of them is very active in the creation of a well known Isometric game called 'Sim City'.
I am not a KT user so I cannot verify if it is able to render diametric images, however I do know that Blender is very well used for this genre and has a m3g export facillity.
As far as detailing is concerned, it can be achieved with complex modeling, but that would just slow you down, creating detailed textures would be best IMO.
Now Makehuman may be free and all but the sizes are rediculously large and frankly too detailed for the perspectives and gaming requirements, I unfortunatey do not know of any alternatives besides creating ones own lower poly textured people.

If you however find any solutions or have a workflow that indeed works well please let us know as there lurks many interested folks on these forums.

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