Backup file for Twinmotion?

Backup file for Twinmotion?

Postby L i am » Mon Jan 02, 2023 11:46 am

Hi guys, the other day I had a power outage and lost a lot of TM work. In just about every other program I use ther are backup files. I could not find one for twinmotion. So did the most logical I could thing of to find a Backup file. So users/me/Appdata/Local/twinmotion/saved/logs.
I know nothing of program files so I do not go into that area of my computer. Have I got close, are these text files of any use to convert to a TM file? The text files seem to small, Abslotely not my area of expertise.
To sum up are these files any good to assost me to recover my files....clutching at straws here

TM Recover.png

TM Recover 2.png

L i am 
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